Launching of our game ’Mars 2030’

Yay we’re launching our final project in the game development course!!

Interested in the multiplanetary idea, SpaceX etc?? Let’s see if you would enjoy the red planet. ツ
This is a RTS style game where you’re just arriving at the planet Mars, but your pod is crashing. This makes the start of your new life more difficult as you start off with absolutely nothing.. By exploring and collecting resources you can start building your home base and also train new units to grow your people/army. Try it! 

Created by Kristina Beck, Sara Olsson, and Maurice Chiang.
Course CS 146, Stanford University. Project time: ~5 weeks 

Make sure to also have a look at our trailer. Extra fun: The first 13 seconds show a visualization of the successful landing sequence of the Mars InSight lander on November 26th, 2018. Rendered using the open-source Astrovisualization framework OpenSpace which is a collaboration between Linköping University, the American Museum of Natural History, Goddard’s Community Coordinated Modeling Center, New York University, and the University of Utah.

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