Stanford class: Animation and Simulation

Ett par resultat från en kurs inom computer graphics som jag läste på Stanford under 2019. Kursen var riktigt rolig – och intentiv. För uppgifterna som visas nedan hade jag 1-2 veckor tillgodo och de bestod en blanding av kreativ frihet och att stirra på ekvationer som skulle gå ihop. 🎨💻

Short summary of animation and simulation homeworks:

Particle-based water simulation. Given stater code for the rendering, I implemented a position-based collision. This including characteristics as surface tension, density, and viscosity. Written in Java:

Collision Processing (a.k.a. ”The Spaghetti Factory”) including implementation steps as point-edge collision detection and applying suitable impulses to resolve these collisions. Written in Java:

Short final project: Reproducing light-emitting flower petals from the Pixar movie Coco. The challenges to address in this project were to handle a big amount of objects, while additionally use them as light sources and also to activate the light effect when touched or based on velocity. Created with node networks in Houdini:

Character animation combing Houdini and animated 3D characters from Mixamo:

Procedural modeling (also in my blog post). All three pinecones generated with the same node network, however, new variations can be created within seconds simply with other parameters. With code comes satisfaction!! 😍 Created in Houdini:

”Getting to know Houdini”. First homework where I tried out basic functionality and made an octopus:

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